PEG-HA fillers


Neauvia’s R&D designed monophasic and cohesive hydrogels with distinctive properties and gel consistencies.


Neauvia PEG-HA Fillers are based on a unique patented Smart Crosslinking Technology (SXT) which is an innovative and advanced technology that combines Hyaluronic Acid and PEGDE in one network.

PEGDE crosslinking presents different molecular weights and different chain lengths.

  • High conformational flexibility
  • Shape modification without structural damage

These characteristics influence how the product behaves under the mechanical stress during the injection phase and during its life in the tissues.


Every filler in Neauvia’s line has been meticulously engineered to provide specific rheological properties 1 and to be safe to be used in soft tissue and dermal correction 2.

Pioneer with PEG


PEG is a well-known polymer in the pharmaceutical market, due to its uniqueness, versatility and safety profile 3, 4. Neauvia chose PEG differentiating itself in the market and presenting the following main features in its gels.

High-Safety Profile


  • No pathologic inflammatory reactions 2*
  • No citotoxicity activity detected 5
  • No crosslinker residuals remain and no changes in the surrounding tissues can be observed after complete degradation 2
  • Reversible filling 2,6

Distinctive characteristics


  • Mechanical properties that mimic those of natural skin tissues 3,7
  • High cohesivity and balanced viscoelasticity 1,2
  • High resistance to heat and high thermodynamic stability 7 to allow combined protocols
  • Temporary filling decreasing at 6 months 2

Glycine & L-Proline


All Neauvia‘s fillers are enriched with Glycine and L-Proline


  • Glycine and L-Proline are proteinogenic amino acids used in the biosynthesis of proteins 2
  • They are added into formula to tune the rheological properties (viscoelastic properties) and the swelling resistance 2
  • They ensure in Neauvia’s fillers formulation a better control of the hydrogel’s swelling capacity in the post-implant phase 8

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