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Our story is written in RED and WHITE


Creation of Neauvia

A medical aesthetics concept relying on science, innovation and lifestyle; aiming to provide an outstanding approach and products to the aesthetics market, backed by both scientific and clinical data.


Creation of MATEX LAB SA

Matex Lab SA offers medical aesthetic products specialized in dermal fillers, energy based devices, cosmeceuticals and food supplements.


Brindisi factory Opening

Factory in Brindisi (Italy) is specialized in the production of fillers, with internal Research and Development laboratories and regulatory office.


Creation of Neauvia Scientific Academy

Neauvia Scientific Academy is located in Pavia (Italy). The Academy. Consisting of a multidisciplinary team of leading experts, the Neauvia Scientific Academy provides clinically relevant and tailored training and is committed to support healthcare professionals to improve the aesthetic results of medical-aesthetic treatments.


Smart Combination Approach

Development and launch of the Smart Combination Approach based on synergistic protocols combining Neauvia Fillers, Cosmeceuticals and Devices.


International Presence

Acceleration of international expansion with the opening of the corporate head office in Geneva (Switzerland), a regional office in the United States and affiliates in France, Spain and Italy.


Launch of NLift Protocol

Nlift Smart Combination Therapy is the first mid-face synegistic protocol, treating different skin layers by combining Dermal Fillers, Waterpeeling, Infrared Thermo-lifting procedure and Aesthetic Cosmeceuticals.


Worldwide Expansion

Growing international presence with new subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and Germany and regional offices in Latin America, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia-Pacific.


Launch of NRose protocol

NROSE Smart Combination Therapy is the women intimate rejuvenation synergistic protocol combining Intimate HA Filler, Radio Frequency and Aesthetic Cosmeceuticals.


Launch of Neauvia Channel

Neauvia Channel is the first 24/7 aesthetic medicine channel dedicated to doctors, featuring on-demand videos – scientific on-line trainings, exclusive interviews and live symposia – translated in 8 languages.


ESAG award for Nrose

The European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology – premier professional organization and educational body of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Gynecology – awarded Neauvia for its innovative NROSE, the women intimate rejuvenation synergistic protocol.


10th Anniversary

In 2022, Neauvia celebrated 10 years of passion, commitment, people and success.


Launch of NBoost protocol

NBOOSTSmart Combination Therapy is the epidermis restoring synergistic protocol combining synergistically Radio Frequency, Linear HA Filler and Aesthetic Cosmeceuticals to keep the epidermis in good condition and prevent the first signs of ageing.


International Training Center Opening

Opening of International Training Center, located in Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Residence. A state-of-the-art center that enables the company to offer medical training to doctors from all over the world on its entire range of aesthetic medicine, including treatments for the face, body and gynecology.


ESAG Neauvia Industry award

The European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology, presenting breakthrough research and surgical techniques that promote innovation in Cosmetic and Aesthetic surgical and non-surgical gynecology, awarded Neauvia for its cutting-edge approach to the aesthetic medicine.


MDR certification

Neauvia is one of the first companies to obtain MDR Certification for facial HA fillers. The new regulation aimed to create a robust, transparent, and sustainable regulatory framework, recognized internationally, improving clinical safety and creating fair market access for manufacturers. This important achievement reinforced the medical community and Neauvia customers the upmost confidence when using Neauvia dermal fillers.


Razyn Factory opening

Factory in Razyn (Poland) is specialized in the production of devices, with internal Research and Development laboratories and regulatory office.


AMWC award for stimulate

The AMWC Aesthetic Medicine Awards – internationally renowned for their commitment to acknowledging innovation and excellence in the global medical aesthetic market – spotlighted Neauvia STIMULATE as “Best Injectable Dermal Filler” of the year.