3D HA Fractional System

3d ha fractional system

Neauvia 3D HA FRACTIONAL SYSTEM is a complete line of cosmeceuticals that ensure proper skin care after aesthetic medicine treatments and for every day routine.

Formulated with the highest concentration of the most exclusive and natural ingredients, it is based on advanced knowledge and research about dermo-cosmetics.

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Neauvia Rebalancing line

Both male and female lines of creams are based on the 3D Fractional Hyaluronic Acid, a skin re-hydrating agent, which quickly penetrates the skin providing moisturizing.

Furthermore, ATP-enzymes provide the skin cells with the necessary energy for their activities. At last, lenitive ingredients assure a great anti-infiammatory and calming effect.

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make up


Make Up is a functional line that ensure not only perfect coverage of the skin but also soothing and regeneration properties.
It contains mineral pigments suitable even for the most sensitive skins and it leaves the skin nourished and oxygenated.

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vitamin C


Vitamin C line is the collection of products that containes lipopophilic stabilized form of Vitamin C, that has an excellent percutaneous absorption and an important role as vital component for skin care and anti-aging.

Vitamin C with the antioxidant actions, reduces the intensity of tge skin redness, strengthens blood vessels and improves skin color while stimulating the synthesis of collagen and protecting the skin from the adverse effects of sun explosure.

The line contains also Coenzyme Q10 that protects skins at the cellular level and strong and effective mix of antioxidants. As the result: beautiful, firm, hydrated and luminous skin.

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contour eye

contour eye line

Contour Eye line has been designed with active ingredients that respect and understand the speci c physiology of contour eyes sensitive skin. It contains only low molecular weight Fractional Hyaluronic Acid, which penetrates deeper in the skin with a highly moisturizing effect.
Both creams and serum have a very light texture for a quick absorption that improves skin elasticity, which is extremely important in case of sensitive and delicate areas. The line contains also 2 peptides providing an immediate lifting effect.

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The products of this line are suitable for body care. Growth factors (EGF and KGF), stimulate the cell replication and activities, slowing down the aging process. Silk proteins smoothen the skin, providing an extremely pleasant sensation to the touch.
Additionally the delicate intimate gel for a daily use grants a strong softening, hydrating and filling out effect, which accelerates the recovery process of the epidermis, preserves the natural pH of intimate areas and enhances the protective properties of the mucosa..

The line contains also 2 peptides providing an immediate lifting effect, something all patients are looking for in such product.

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3d HA fractional system

An innovative concept obtained through a unique process that enriches products with Hyaluronic Acid molecules with 3 different ranges of molecular weight.


2 May 2019