Piruvic acid vial

Restore System

A properly calibrated concentration for use with the occlusive RESTORE delivery mask.
Specifically designed for skin concerned by Acne, Excessive Seborrhoea, Discoloration, Photo-ageng, Post-acne scars.

  • Key Ingredients

    Pyruvic Acid, Growth Factors (EGF, KGF)

  • Volume

    5 ml

Piruvic acid vial

Skin concerns

  • Acne
  • Excessive Seborrhoea
  • Discoloration
  • Photoaging
  • Post-acne scars

Piruvic acid vial


> Promotes even complexion and brightens skin.

> Improves skin thickness.

Piruvic acid vial


PYRUVIC ACID 35% with base of 3.5% Causes epidermis acantholysis and stimulates the synthesis of dermis support fibers. It absorbs deeply due to the small size of the molecules.
Sebostatic, keratolytic and antibacterial effects.
Depigmentation properties


Piruvic acid vial


Face, neck, decolletage

Mix 1-3 of your chosen ampoules with delivery mask.
Apply a thin layer on face, neck, decolletage and backs of hands.
Remove after 30-45 min

Piruvic acid vial


Basic ampoules + ampoules with active acids and substance

Piruvic acid vial

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