3D HA Fractional System

Based on an advanced knowledge and researches about dermo-cosmetics, Neauvia Cosmeceuticals have been created to reduce both the irritations after aesthetic medicine procedures and the aging process, even on the most sensitive and delicate skin.

All products from Neauvia Cosmeceuticals line are enriched with 3D Fractional Hyaluronic Acid System, ensuring skin hydration, and Growth Factors.

ATP enzymes present in the formulation deliver cells energy essential to their proper functioning. Concentrated actives like ceramides 1, 3, 6II, phytosphingosine, cholesterol fill deficiencies in the intercellular cement.

Natural ingredients like Vitamin E, extract from liquorice and physalis angulata have lenitive properties.
O the other side, Vitamin C and Q10 guaranteee antioxidant effect.

All creams and serums of Neauvia Cosmeceuticals are enriched with two main ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic Acid Fractionated

  • Growth Factors

3D HA Fractional System

Hyaluronic acid fractionated

3D HA Fractional System is an innovative concept obtained through a unique process that enriches products with HA molecules with 3 different ranges of molecular weight.

Due to their nature, they penetrate different layers of the skin, giving birth to a 3D uniform structure in the skin: shorter chains penetrate deeper than longer ones, building up a homogeneous and effective system to restore the inflamed or aged skins.

neauvia benefits


  • Restoration and optimal hydration

  • Immediately visible effects

  • Aging prevention

  • Enhancement of skin brightness

  • Lenitive properties

  • Improvement in skin texture

  • Natural barrier for the skin: preventing from aggressions and preserving the right nutrients

  • Improvement in skin elasticity and tone

3D HA Fractional System

The growth factor added value

Growth Factors are substances that stimulates cell divisions and growth, supporting the natural regneration process.

Completely safe, they do not cause allergic reactions and stimulate natural healing process of the skin. Characterized by high purity – due to advance technology – they assure high efficacy and stability thanks to nanotechnology that grants a better penetration of the actives, protecting from endogenous protease.


  • Renewal of the epidermis

  • Ability of the epidermis to retain moisture

  • Enhancement of collagen and elastin synthesis

  • Promotion of intensive nutrition

  • Rapid recovery of the optimal level of hydration

  • Restoration of the skin structure

  • Activation of the cell metabolism

  • Activation of the natural protective function of the skin

3d ha fractional system

Neauvia 3D HA FRACTIONAL SYSTEM is a complete line of cosmeceuticals that ensure proper skin care after aesthetic medicine treatments and for every day routine.

Formulated with the highest concentration of the most exclusive and natural ingredients, it is based on advanced knowledge and research about dermo-cosmetics.

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2 May 2019